Analyzing Stipe Miocic's KO power and other notes from UFC 198, Bellator 154 and Glory 30

Despite not having a huge reputation as a power striker, Stipe Miocic was able to stop Fabricio Werdum with a single back-peddling punch and win the UFC heavyweight title. Perhaps Miocic should be more respected for his power.

The former Cleveland State wrestler now has four knockouts in his last five fights. He has scored those KOs in a little over 52 minutes of cage time. That means he is earning a .077 knockouts per minute during the stretch. The number is good enough for third best compared to the rest of the ranked heavyweights on the UFC roster.

FighterKO per Minute (Last 5 Fights)
Dos Santos0.010

For Maia, BJJ is the best defense
Over his last three bouts, Demian Maia has absorbed a total of 12 sig strikes. He has absorbed only 12 strikes in his last 37 minutes of cage time. That means his opponents have landed 0.32 sig strikes per minute. To put that number in perspective, the UFC career record for absorbing the fewest sig strikes per minute is 1.18.

Cyborg tops the StrikeScore
Surprisingly none of the performance from UFC 198 were able to crack the StrikeScore Top 10 Most Efficient Striking Performances of 2016 list. However, Cris Cyborg came the closest in her UFC debut. Her first-round stoppage over Leslie Smith earned a 1595 StrikeScore, which is the 12th best score of the year. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza also cracked the century mark with a 1063 StrikeScore for his total destruction of Vitor Belfort.

Phil Davis vs. King Mo
Fans in the building at Bellator 154 did not seem to agree with the judges awarding Phil Davis the decision victory over Muhammed Lawal. The media echoed that sentiment with five of six writers going with Lawal over Davis. However, for the most part it looks like Davis was at least the better striker over the three rounds. Even though this was not the most exciting fight, it drives home the point that Bellator needs to follow the UFC’s lead and implement five-round non-title main events. The video of the entire fight is available at

Phil Davis vs. Muhammed Lawal StrikeScore by Round

Glory 30 Superfight Series Box Score
Strikeforce and UFC veteran Guto Inocente has really found a home for himself in Glory. He continued his winning streak with a one-sided decision victory over Ganryujima veteran Brian Douwes and scored the highest StrikeScore of the Superfight Series.

UFC 198 Fight Forecast

On Saturday, the UFC returns with UFC 198. In the main event, heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum defends his title against Stipe Miocic. 

One of the most interesting aspects of Werdum’s MMA career has been his continual improvement. After beginning his career as a one-dimensional grappler, he has morphed into a fighter capable of knocking out Mark Hunt and forcing Cain Velasquez to shoot for takedowns.

Werdum’s improvement is most noteworthy in terms of his ability to land significant strikes. During his current UFC run, the Brazilian is landing 5.61 sig strikes per minute. To put that number into perspective, that is only slightly behind the UFC career number for bantamweight slugger John Lineker (5.62).

Not only is that an impressive level of striking output for a heavyweight, but it also more than double the number of sig strikes per minute Werdum was landing during his runs in Pride FC and Strikeforce as well as his first stint in the UFC.

Earlier in his career, Werdum would have most likely struggled against a guy he could not drag to the ground. However, now he appears more than capable in multiple facets of MMA. No matter what happens on Saturday against Stipe Miocic, more fighters should follow the Werdum model and continue to craft their fight game.

Fight Forecast
StrikeScore is a proprietary stat that measures striking efficiency. The formula uses Fightmetric data, so fighters without fights in the database are not included. Also, a fighter must have at least three fights in the database before the formula can considered at all predictive.

UFC Fantasy numbers are the percent of players who have picked each fighter to win. (Numbers are current as of 5/13/2016 4:30 PM EST)

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*Fighters with less than 3 bouts in FightMetric database

*Fighters with less than 3 bouts in FightMetric database

Other Notes:

Near Lock for Fight of the Night
Rob Font lands 5.55 sig strikes per minute and has finished all of his bouts in the UFC by knockout. Standing across the cage will be John Lineker who lands 5.62 sig strikes per minute has scored four knockouts in nine UFC fights. Expect fireworks.

Just Scrap
Hawaiian MMA pioneer B.J. Penn always promoted the "Just Scrap" philosophy. His fellow islander Yancy Medeiros seems to be a true believer. Over the course of his UFC career, he has absorbed over half of his opponents' strikes and nearly eaten a strike for every one that he lands.

Brazilian Ironman
There might not be much fanfare, but Francisco Trinaldo is riding a five-fight winning streak. On Saturday, he will fight in the UFC for the 13th time. Of his 13 fights, 10 will have taken place in his native Brazil.

Marquardt Decline
We wrote about the decline of Nate Marquardt prior to his last bout. Even though we seem to have jumped the gun, it is still nearing the end of his career. Prior to 2013, he had fought 44 times and suffered only one knockout. Since 2013, he has fought seven times and been knocked out thrice.

Cyborg World
The StrikeScore list above for Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos is based only on her Strikeforce and Elite XC bouts. It would actually be much higher if it included data from Invicta FC. In her five bouts for the promotion, she has picked up knockouts in all five. Her cumulative fight time was only a little bit over 32 minutes with 19 coming in her longest fight against Marloes Coenen.