Glory 32 Film Study: Serhiy Adamchuk vs. Gabriel Varga

On Friday night, Glory featherweight champion Serhiy Adamchuk will defend his title against Gabriel Varga in the main event of Glory 32. Adamchuk first won the belt by defeating Varga back at Glory 25. The judges’ decision was controversial to say the least. To prepare for this weekend’s event, StrikeScoreMMA looks back at that night last November.

At the time, Michael Stets, writing for MMAMania, said:

Serhiy Adamchuk defeated Gabriel Varga in the Superfight Series headliner to win the GLORY featherweight title. The decision was a controversial one as Adamchuk clinched and held Varga for the majority of the five-round contest. Referee Stefano Valenti came under fire as well due to never deducting a point despite giving countless warnings to Adamchuk throughout the fight.

The criticism for this performance, and a few others, directed towards referee Stefano Valaneti got so loud that he actually felt the need to write a letter to in which he made liberal use of all caps.

That you points as conduct “terrible”, is the way that Glory wants for all events Glory sanctioned , the result of extensive discussions during the briefing on the day before the event and reported in the special “referee clinic” written by the head and coordinator of the Glory Officials: REFEREE MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY INACTIVE CLINCH ! It’s not Muay Thai Clinching!

In the bout, Varga outlanded Adamchuk nearly two-to-one, 84 to 49. Round-by-round strike stats are not available. For the fight, Varga finished with the StrikeScore advantage 178 to 52. To put that number into perspective, fighters in 2016 in the UFC who score a StrikeScore of at least 178 are 51-6 in decisions. Fighters who score a 52 or lower have gone 8-54 this year.

Screenshot Glory/YouTube

Screenshot Glory/YouTube

As you can see, Varga was much more accurate with his punches and more active overall. If he is able to keep his distance and avoid the clinch, the Canadian should be able to take back his title.

The main card of Glory 32 airs live on while the Superfight Series is available on UFC Fight Pass.