Analyzing submission rates for EBI, SUG and Metamoris

This past weekend there were three submission grappling events hosted by Eddie Bravo Invitational, Metamoris and Submission Underground. For the most part these grappling event rarely move the needle the way a big MMA fight does, but there was still a lot of excitement among the hardcore fans and veteran journalists like Josh Gross.

While all three used a submission only format, matches in Metamoris without a submission finish were immediately declared a draw. EBI and SUG both employed the overtime system pioneered by Eddie Bravo. Check out the rules video for complete details.

At, we previously looked at how the EBI ruleset promotes an action style. The lack of an instant draw, and more liberal regulations overall, appear to encourage fighters to try to finish the bout inside regulation. The result in a much higher regulation submission rate in EBI compared to the 2015 editions of ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships and IBJJF World Championships (Gi and No-GI).

At EBI 7, 10 of the 15 matches ended via submission before overtime. After incorporating those numbers into the promotion’s overall numbers, the regulation submission rate stays constant at 72 percent.

There were similar results at SUG 1. Of the 12 matches, eight ended via submission before overtime. SUG used an eight-minute regulation period instead of the 10-minute one used by EBI. The matches also took place in a cage which seemed to limit restarts.

Metamoris 7 was a different story altogether. Of the six matches, the only one to end via submission was the main event where Garry Tonon defeated promoter Ralek Gracie via leglock. To date there have only been 14 submission in the 44 matches hosted by the promotion. Early on, Metamoris experimented with using judges to declare a winner like in MMA fights, but the idea was dropped and has not returned. It would be interesting to see if the use of judges would have a similar effect to EBI’s overtime.

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