Huge performances from Camozzi, Brunson and Bamgbose and other post-fight notes from UFC Fight Night 83 and Bellator 149

Going into the event, UFC Fight Night 83 did not look like a very impactful cards. Several of the matches were changed or removed, and it was lacking the regular amount of star power. Well, a few of the fighters made up for the lack of star power with striking power. Four competitors from Sunday night were good enough to crack the Top Ten Most Efficient Striking Performances of 2016 list. One of those performances, Chris Camozzi's brutual finish of Joe Riggs, tied Anthony Johnson's knockout of Anthony Johnson for best of the year so far.

1Anthony JohnsonRyan BaderUFC on Fox 181/30/20169500
1Chris CamozziJoe RiggsUFC Fight Night 832/21/20169500
3Derek BrunsonRoan CarneiroUFC Fight Night 832/21/20166800
4Oluwale BamgboseDaniel SarafianUFC Fight Night 832/21/20164800
5Sheldon WestcottEdgar GarciaUFC 1951/2/20163424
6Derrick LewisDamian GrabowskiUFC Fight Night 822/6/20161539
7Chris WadeMehdi BaghdadUFC Fight Night 811/17/2016590
8Dennis BermudezTatsuya KawajiriUFC Fight Night 832/21/2016574
9Rob FontJoey GomezUFC Fight Night 811/17/2016570
10Patrick CoteBen SaundersUFC Fight Night 811/17/2016547

Three fighters fail to land a single strike
Camozzi, Derek Brunson and Oluwale Bamgbose earned exceptional marks with their brutal first-round domination. However, their opponent's total lack of offense also contributed to the high scores. Riggs and Sarafian, like Bader at UFC on Fox 18, were finished without even attempting a strike. Roan Carneiro at least tried to land strikes, but he went 0 for 13 before ending of the ground and being dispatched.

Third round of Anthony Smith vs. Leonardo Guimaraes
First, let's preface this with the fact that Smith took this fight on about six days notice. With that being said, he appeared to entirely shutdown and refuse to fight after building a two round lead against Guimaraes. In the final stanza, Smith was more than happy to grab wrist control and hold on for dear life. Guimaraes is not without blame, since a better strategy would have likely lead to a knockout finish. However, rounds like the third round of this fight need to scored 10-8!

In the third round, Smith landed only six sig strikes, while Guimaraes landed 39. The StrikeScore differential was 747 to -34 in favor of Guimaraes. To put that into perspective, if a fighter scored a 747 StrikeScore over the course of a whole fight, he/she would have the seventh best score of the entire year.

Anthony Smith vs. Leonardo Guimaraes StrikeScore by Round

Decision in Ashlee Evans-Smith vs. Marion Reneau
This was not a good decision. Of the media scorecards tracked by, 16 went for Reneau and only one went for Evans-Smith. StrikeScore, of course, agrees with the majority. Two of the three judges even had round one for Evans-Smith, which is dreadful. As previously stated, this was not a good decision.

Marion Reneau vs. Ashlee Evans-Smith StrikeScore per Round

Lauren Murphy's comeback in terms of StrikeScore
Out of the gate, it looked like Kelly Faszholz was going to pick up a pretty sizeable upset in her UFC debut. However, Murphy stayed true to her gameplan and ended up finishing the bout in the finals seconds of the fight. FightMetric's Michael Carroll confirmed on Twitter that this was the fourth latest finish in a three-round fight.

Lauren Murphy vs. Kelly Faszholz StrikeScore per Round

The Oddity of Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000
It was a strange fight to say the least. Neither fighter had the lunges to go more than two minutes, but the fight ended up going over 11. If you look at the numbers in a vacum, it appears as if Kimbo actually had a pretty good performance. He finished with a 360 StrikeScore and landed over five strikes per minute.

With that being said, the only reason Kimbo's number look passable is how miserable Dada 5000's performance was. In the first two rounds, he absorbed 72 percent of Kimbo's strikes and landed only 38 percent of his own. These numbers are the unofficial live numbers from the Bellator app provided by CompuStrike. Live numbers tend to run higher, and CompuStrike percentages are almost always higher than FightMetric, because they do not exclude "insignificant strikes."

Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000 StrikeScore by Round

Big night for Derek Campos
Lost in the shuffle of Kimbo, Dada, Royce and Ken was a career performance for Campos. Going into his fight against Melvin Guillard, he was riding a two-fight winning streak and had failed to make it out of the first round since 2014. Last Saturday, he caught Guillard early and finished the fight in the second round. He finished with a 318 to -57 StrikeScore advantage. His Fight Matrix ranking jumped up a whopping 112 ranking spots to 46.