Anthony Johnson makes a statement and other notes from UFC on Fox 18

Well that was that. Anthony Johnson easily stuffed Ryan Bader's takedown attempt, avoided a submission and finished the former Arizona State wrestler in the first round. Bader did not even have the chance to attempt a a single strike before succumbing to the knockout.

In his lone defeat since his UFC return in 2014, Johnson was takendown three times by Daniel Cormier. In many ways his inability to stop the takedown was his downfall in that fight. However, outside of that performance, Johnson has shown solid if not impressive defensive wrestling. As mentioned, he stopped Bader's takedown with ease, and he stuffed all eight of Phil Davis' attempts. Obviously, Cormier is a world medalist in wrestling and on another level, but Johnson's defensive wrestling might actually be underrated at this point.

Johnson picked up his 15th career knockout and his 8th since moving up to light heavyweight in 2012. Bader had been knocked out on two previous occasions, against Lyoto Machida in 2012 and Glover Teixeira in 2013. This was his quickest knockout defeat.

"Rumble" earned a 9500 StrikeScore for the performance, which was the high score for the event, month and year to date. The knockout earns the first StrikeScore MMA Performance of the Month award.

The following is the updated StrikeScore MMA Top Ten Most Efficient Striking Performances in the UFC for 2016

1Anthony JohnsonRyan BaderUFC on Fox 181/30/20169500
2Sheldon WestcottEdgar GarciaUFC 1951/2/20163424
3Chris WadeMehdi BaghdadUFC FN 811/17/2016590
4Rob FontJoey GomezUFC FN 811/17/2016570
5Patrick CoteBen SaundersUFC FN 811/17/2016547
6Rafael NatalKevin CaseyUFC on Fox 181/30/2016531
7Masanori KaneharaMichael McDonaldUFC 1951/2/2016432
8Ilir LatifiSean O'ConnellUFC FN 811/17/2016400
9Ed HermanTim BoetschUFC FN 811/17/2016310
10Diego BrandaoBrian OrtegaUFC 1951/2/2016289

Ben Rothwell submits Josh Barnett

As mentioned on the broadcast, Barnett had never been submitted due to an actual hold before. He tapped out twice to Mirko "CroCop" Filipović, once due to an injury and the other time to strikes. Of course, Barnett has fallen via submission in grappling matches. In fact, he submitted twice, to Mark Kerr and Ricardo Almeida, at the 2000 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships. Almeida was actually working Saturday's event as a judge for the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board. This is not to say that Barnett's ground game is overrated. These matches were 16 years ago, and Barnett is currently the Metamoris champion (for whatever that is worth these days...)

Mark Kerr vs. Josh Barnett

Ricardo Almeida vs. Josh Barnett

Kevin Casey's ouput falls off a cliff following flash knockdown

Occassionaly fighters get dropped in MMA. It is easy for a commentator or viewer to assume that the fighters have recovered after the round break or an extended period of time. However, this is often not the case. The fight between Rafael Natal and Kevin Casey is a good example of this. In the final seconds of round 1, Natal dropped Casey. During the break, he appeared to recover, but his performance shows a different story.

In round 1, Casey attempted 30 strikes and landed 33 percent. After the knock down, his output fell to 7 attempted sig stikres in round 2 and 12 in round 3.