UFC 193: Holly Holm's improved Striking Accuracy leads to victory over Ronda Rousey

Holly Holm did what seemed impossible and knocked out Ronda Rousey in the second round. Despite the hype, it was pretty much obvious that Holm was going to be the better technical striker going into their main event fight at UFC 193. However, few predicted that she would be as successful as she turned out to be.

There is currently a meme floating around the internet that depicts Rousey as a bull trying to catch a muleta wielding Holm. For the fight, Holm used her impressive footwork and held Rousey to only 26 percent significant striking accuracy (see Fight Metric). This is perhaps the least shocking aspect of Holm’s performance. The Greg Jackson fighter had kept her prior two UFC opponents, Raquel Pennington and Marion Reneau, to 28 and 34 percent respectively.

While her defensive numbers are in line with her previous UFC fights, her offensive accuracy numbers are drastically different. Prior to the Rousey fight, Holm had only landed above 40 percent in one round of her UFC career, the second round of her fight with Reneau. Her average accuracy per round was a paltry 28 percent.

Against Rousey, Holm landed at an incredible rate. She finished the first round at 67 percent. In the finishing round, she landed 84 percent of her significant strikes and, of course, kicked Rousey in the head. The following graph shows the significant striking accuracy of Holm and her opponents over the course of her UFC career.

Holly Holm's Striking Accuracy vs. Opponent Striking Accuracy (UFC Career)

The improvements in Holm’s accuracy, paired with her already stellar striking defense, led her to a new career high StrikeScore and a UFC title.

Holly Holm StrikeScore by Round (UFC Career)